Penmanship PLUS - Letters Yr 1

LETTERS is a 56-page handwriting workbook designed for students in the early stage of reading and printing in Kindergarten, Year One or Year Two. Each lesson provides practice with the formation of a lower-case letter, written individually, in basic sight words and in a sentence. Each lesson is repeated so that spacing and letter/word formation may be practised. The sequence is not alphabetical but rather is ordered according to similar letter shapes.


  • Daily practice writing name, date and numerals
  • Achievement objectives on the inside front cover giving potential to review progress
  • Open drawings that may be coloured in, to personalise the book
  • Thicker paper to ensure well-presented work
  • A pencil icon that indicates which line to write on
  • Regularly occurring Assessment pages

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Penmanship PLUS - Letters Yr 1
Penmanship PLUS - Letters Yr 1
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Penmanship PLUS - Letters Yr 1
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Penmanship PLUS - Letters Yr 1
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