Posers Yr 7 - 9

The 36 Posers for students at curriculum level 4/5 mathematical ability are ideal as the weekly challenge problem.

Posers help your students explore strategies for problem-solving. Extensive answers are provided to help both students and teachers. These make excellent discussions.

Each poser has been purposely designed to rapidly develop critical thinking and reasoning power …

Strategies for problem solving need to be taught, and practised. The Mathematics in New Zealand Curriculum document states that one of the general aims of Mathematics Education is to help students to develop a variety of approaches to problem solving.

Creativity is strongly encouraged, as this leads to innovation and discovery. Similarly, cooperative thinking should be seen as a means of solving problems. The communication of the mathematical ideas used to solve problems is a skill in itself.

Each problem has a suggested answer sheet for the teacher to follow if problem solving is not a strength. The answer sheets can also be used by a projector to display onto a whiteboard to aid class discussion.

*For information about transparencies to be used with overhead projectors, please contact us.

As this resource was written by teachers, there are ‘awareness pointers’ listed at the bottom of each answer sheet. These are pointers that experienced teachers will use to ensure that their students have knowledge of the required skills, and understand the vocabulary needed to solve and process that problem.

You will also find, on the CD, that the Posers have been reproduced as so that they can be photocopied with two to a page so you can print them economically.

Using a printed worksheet, the student can try the problem for homework, then, the next day, the teacher could project this Poser, and develop an excellent strategy lesson on the ways a problem can be solved.


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Posers Yr 7 - 9
Posers Yr 7 - 9
Posers Yr 7 - 9
Posers Yr 7 - 9
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Posers Yr 7 - 9
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